Welcome to the Midstate Trail


The Midstate Trail is a scenic footpath located in Worcester County, 45 miles west of Boston. This 93 mile hiking trail extends from Rhode Island crossing the gentle hills of central Massachusetts and eventually connecting to the Wapack Trail  in New Hampshire. The Midstate Trail is highly accessible,  easy to hike and the best way to enjoy the natural side of the region.


Trail Re Route At Audubon Wachusett Meadows


Beavers have flooded  and made impassible the section of the Midstate Trail that passes along lower Goodnow Road within the  Wachusett Meadows Audubon Sanctuary in Princeton.

Re-route Going North from the 4-Corners at Gates Rd.Turn left onto  Gates Rd. going about 1/4 miles and turn right onto Thompson Rd and walk about1-1/4 miles to the Midstate crossing on Thompson Rd. Turn left (north)

 Re-route Going South from Mt. Wachusett across Westminster Rd,
 At Thompson Rd. turn right (West) for about 1-14 miles to a left  onto Gates Rd. for about 1/4 miile to the Trail entrance on your right (south) at the 4-Corners field.

Redemption Rock

Angered by the spread of colonial settlements westward, the chief King Philip (Metacomet) led the Nipmuc, Narragansett, and Wampanoag in defense of their land. In February 1676, several hundred Native Americans attacked Lancaster and captured Mary White Rowlandson, her three children, and twenty others and took them into the wilderness for several months. They returned to Lancaster in late April of 1676, where, as the inscription says, John Hoar of Concord negotiated Mary’s release at this huge, flat-topped granite ledge.