About the Midstate Trail

The Midstate Trail is a scenic footpath located in Worcester County, 45 miles west of Boston. This 95 mile hiking trail extends from Rhode Island crossing the gentle hills of central Massachusetts and eventually connecting to the Wapack Trail  in New Hampshire. The Midstate Trail is highly accessible,  easy to hike and the best way to enjoy the natural side of the region.

The Midstate Trail is close to large population centers yet it is remarkably wild and scenic.  Wachusett Mountain and Mount Watatic, the last undeveloped mountain east of the Connecticut River, can be found on the Trail as well as many interesting geologic, historic and natural features.

The Midstate Trail Committee supports the Midstate Trail as a walking trail. We solicit permission from land owners to use it for walking. We have no rights other than those given us by private landowners or public land managers to use the path for walking. As a committee, we have no position on other uses for the trail, except as they may interfere with its use as a walking trail, or might jeopardize our agreements with property owners. The Committee has NO involvement with the buildings or structures along the trail. Contact Massachusetts DCR or Westminster Conservation Commission for info regarding the shelters.

Some areas on the Midstate Trail are open to hunting during hunting seasons.

While some species can be taken year round, most hunting activity occurs between October 1st through February 29 when some of the trail and lands it crosses are open to hunting. Be safe by being prepared. Remember to wear blaze orange and leave your pet at home. There is No Hunting in Massachusetts on Sunday. Click Here to learn about Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Laws.

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