Midstate Trail Volunteers

The Midstate Trail has been a volunteer TEAM effort from its inception. Without the tireless efforts of trail maintainers, activists, hikers, nature lovers and guardians of the wild places, the Midstate Trail would not exist.

The maintenance along the Midstate Trail is all done by volunteers. The clear footpath stays that way because volunteer trail maintenance crews are trimming the foliage, creating water bars, building bridges and erecting signage. This constant trail maintenance ensures the best hiking experience for all travelers on the Midstate. The Midstate Trail needs YOUR help as well.

The Midstate Trail Committee, under the auspices of the Worcester Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, continues the administration and maintenance of the Trail. The Committee is augmented by a larger group of resident volunteer maintainers, who, like you, are invaluable to the survival of the Midstate Trail. The AMC/Worcester Trails Committee is assisting with hike publicity and recruitment of maintainers. The Committee welcomes anyone willing to help maintain a part of this “close to home” trail.

Here are some things YOU can do…

Use the Midstate Trail
By using the Midstate Trail responsibly and often, hikers, walkers and nature lovers gain an appreciation for the Trail and the efforts of volunteers who keep the footpath open.
Share the Midstate Trail
The more people enjoying the Midstate Trail means more awareness and, hopefully, more action. Be sure to share experiences and photos on the Midstate Trail message board or on the Midstate Facebook page.
Maintain the Midstate Trail
There are Trail maintenance crews out on the Midstate Trail that can always use help clearing, digging, and cleaning. Contact Don for details.
Donate to the Midstate Trail
The Midstate Trail can always use financial support. Details on how to contribute will be available soon.

Your time and effort will ensure future generations will enjoy the Midstate Trail as well.